Learning the Social Media Curve

This week has been incredible!

I started an instagram account, posted new cards for sale on Etsy, and hosted a class!

After reading a few articles, and trying a few things, I’ve learned a bit about how to advertise.  I’ve learned how important it is to have a great description, title, and links in every thing that has to do with your business.

I’ve learned that taking photos in natural lighting can make your picture go from drab to fab, and that that makes a huge difference to your customers.

The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is to take the time and effort to show you care about every little detail.  It is a lot of work, but it’s so much fun along the way.  It’s showing people who you are, what you love, and why they should care about what you have to offer.

Handmadeology has been the biggest help.  It has this amazing 5 day free e-course on social media, and I am so grateful to them.  It spells it out in simple steps that really creates a great pattern to work after.  I definitely recommend going and trying them out.  Go on. :)  Come back soon!

This isn’t the only thing I wanted to talk about today.  I also have a few things to share!

I made my very first 2 sales on Etsy, and was inspired to create a new bookmark.

Embossed Bookmark B7d


I’m now creating monogrammed bookmarks!  With 8 different colors to choose from, they’re an excellent wedding favor, his and hers gift, or just a personalized gift.

You can find them for sale here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/184623224/monogrammed-embossed-bookmarks-your?ref=shop_home_active_3

These were so much fun to create, and I love the elegant embossing, the classic typeface, and the soft black tassle.

I am creating more cards to be posted soon, and will keep you all updated.

What is your favorite technique in social marketing?  Your favorite social site?  I’d love to hear from you all!

Off to my scrapbook desk!

Keep creating! :)



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