Crafting, SEO, and Listing

On this blog, I want to write about what I do, and my wonderful life.

This week I don’t have a lot to post personally, as I have, non-stop, been working on my Etsy store.  I will be posting my crafts, and projects soon, but for today I’m going to talk about what I’ve been nearly obsessed with, and learning.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

I always liked math, and science, and computers.  I even, for a short time, thought I was going to be a computer programmer, but you know you can’t put ribbons, and sentiments on a computer?  I mean you can decorate the screen, but you have to be looking at pages upon pages of black and white, and then go over it again as the computer tells you that you got something wrong, but won’t tell you where or what.  So I decided to go find what my passion is, and that’s crafting!

But I didn’t have to do away with working on computers entirely, thanks to Etsy, Google, and the internet.

This week I got to learn about SEO and tags, and it’s been a hilarious, roller coaster ride of reading thesauruses, bouncing ideas, and just throwing words at the screen.  You know when your husband hears you mumbling, thank you, think you, thank you card, blank card, and various random words that go with your business, you’re obsessed, haha.

I’ve read through several SEO articles, and got very confused, because they all conflicted.  Some said, stuff your title with keywords, others say don’t.  Some say, be completely specific, others say, you need general tags. It drove me a little batty.

So, this is what I’ve learned.

Be generally specific.

Yup, that’s it.  As vague an answer as anyone can give.

“Nice to meet you, General Specific.’ (Sorry, old cartoon joke :)

Basically just ask yourself, ‘Will I type this in to find product?’
Not, your product, just product.

If you were looking for jewelry, you might look for ‘garnet necklace,’ or ‘vintage necklace,’ but probably not, ‘blue sparkling diamond peridot  necklace.’ But you also probably won’t just type in ‘diamond.’

That’s why it’s so important to use two to three word tags, that’s what a customer will do. They’ll use about two to three words to hone down what they’re looking for, but they still want to do some shopping, and be able to decide for themselves what exactly they want.

So what I recommend everyone do is go shopping! :)

Go into Google, and Etsy, and shop for product that is like yours, and note down which search terms you use to find it. Then use those tags that describe your product. It will also help you find those fun little synonyms that are great tags.

So, that’s my terrible explanation of SEO, Tags, and all that stuff.

Sorry for the very, very bad grammar. I’m a little hyper, I think I had too much coffee this morning, haha. :)

For next week, I will be going in depth in organizing my craft stash, and sharing some of the tips and tricks along the way.

Happy crafting!



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