It was Write under my Nose

I’ve always heard, “Do what you love, love what you do.”

This is an amazing quote, but sometimes it’s really hard to decide what it is that you love to do.  Finding the right combination of things that you love to do is even harder.  But oftentimes it is right (or write) under your nose.

This past year has seen quite a few changes in my life.  I started my Etsy store, which has done wonderfully.  I went to college, and finished my first year on the Dean’s list.  I bought my first home, which is beautiful.  I started this blog, but quite simply didn’t know what I wanted to do with it.  So, I didn’t do much.

I read blogs, actually quite often, but when I looked at the white screen, I’d draw a blank on what to write.  I knew I wanted to write about crafty things, but what crafty things?  How I create my projects?  My Etsy store?  My extra DIY whims that I follow on a daily basis?

Then I discovered YouTube, or rather, I realized I would watch hours of crafty videos and then spark inspiration and be off on another project.  I do the same with blogs, but with YouTube, I would have videos running in the background while I was crafting.  That’s when I first realized I wanted to make videos of my projects.

So I did just that.  I started my own YouTube channel and have been uploading videos of my crafty creations. I take a lot of pride and joy in that little channel, and would love if you would take a peek at it here.

Of course, I still love and have a passion for writing.  My channel has helped me in that as well by inspiring me in how I want to write about my crafty projects, and what things I want to focus on.  Also, I now always have my camera at the ready to take photos and video throughout the process of whatever I create.  This will make it much easier to blog. Since I’ll finally have lots of lovely photos! :)

Without further ado, here is my latest project.  I love to create little mini canvases.  They can have really great dimension and often have only one word inspiring sentiments.  This one happens to be one of my favorites..



You can watch me make this little canvas here:

Next week I will talk about the products and techniques I used to create this little project.  I hope you enjoy! :)

Happy Crafting!