Smile! Altered Miniature Canvas for Home or Office Decor

Mini Canvas with red and yellow tulips and the sentiment, Smile.

Mini Canvas with red and yellow tulips and the sentiment, Smile.

Sometimes you see the perfect paper and know exactly what you want to do with it.  That was the case with this project.

I found the sheet of blue polka dot paper from a stack of Recollections, Mosaic Memories, paper and just fell in love.  It might be September now, but this paper just says spring and bright colors.

Of course, I had a new set of Penny Black floral stamps to go along with it.  I just love the two tulips and how they stand boldly against such a bold background.  I decided to use my red and yellow Copic Markers to create an even stronger contrast and really make it seem like these lovely flowers were standing against a bright blue sky.


After I added the flowers and had shaded the corners a bit with Tim Holtz Broken China distress paint, I had to add some extra texture.  Liquitex Modeling Paste came in handy for that.  I used a small swirly stencil and just a small portion of it to imitate the feel of soft white billowy clouds.

To finish it, I realized it needed a sentiment.  I recently got this set of stamps from Hampton Art from Michael’s.  It had the sentiment, Smile!  Which I thought was perfect because everytime I look at this canvas, I smile.  I stamped it onto white cardstock and then covered it with Wink of Stella glitter to add that extra shimmer.


Overall I’m very happy with how this little canvas turned out.


You can watch the entire process of how it was made here:

I hope you enjoyed!

Happy crafting! :)

~Mrs. Kristen Creations


It was Write under my Nose

I’ve always heard, “Do what you love, love what you do.”

This is an amazing quote, but sometimes it’s really hard to decide what it is that you love to do.  Finding the right combination of things that you love to do is even harder.  But oftentimes it is right (or write) under your nose.

This past year has seen quite a few changes in my life.  I started my Etsy store, which has done wonderfully.  I went to college, and finished my first year on the Dean’s list.  I bought my first home, which is beautiful.  I started this blog, but quite simply didn’t know what I wanted to do with it.  So, I didn’t do much.

I read blogs, actually quite often, but when I looked at the white screen, I’d draw a blank on what to write.  I knew I wanted to write about crafty things, but what crafty things?  How I create my projects?  My Etsy store?  My extra DIY whims that I follow on a daily basis?

Then I discovered YouTube, or rather, I realized I would watch hours of crafty videos and then spark inspiration and be off on another project.  I do the same with blogs, but with YouTube, I would have videos running in the background while I was crafting.  That’s when I first realized I wanted to make videos of my projects.

So I did just that.  I started my own YouTube channel and have been uploading videos of my crafty creations. I take a lot of pride and joy in that little channel, and would love if you would take a peek at it here.

Of course, I still love and have a passion for writing.  My channel has helped me in that as well by inspiring me in how I want to write about my crafty projects, and what things I want to focus on.  Also, I now always have my camera at the ready to take photos and video throughout the process of whatever I create.  This will make it much easier to blog. Since I’ll finally have lots of lovely photos! :)

Without further ado, here is my latest project.  I love to create little mini canvases.  They can have really great dimension and often have only one word inspiring sentiments.  This one happens to be one of my favorites..



You can watch me make this little canvas here:

Next week I will talk about the products and techniques I used to create this little project.  I hope you enjoy! :)

Happy Crafting!

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Alas, I didn’t journal much over the summer as life was really busy, but as soon as I sat down and looked at this page I knew just how to finish it.

Garden Art Journal

The background is from a Botanical Paper stack by KC Company.  I added the square accents using Tim Holtz Distress Ink Vintage Warmth, and a stencil. (I don’t know who made the stencil.)  The honeycomb pattern was cut out using Tim Holtz Framed Die.  I used a matte Mod Podge to seal everything and make it non porous.

I wanted to give the look of things growing so I took some ivory cardstock and distressed it with Tim Holtz Vintage Warmth, and Wild Honey.  The fruit came from the same botanical stack and I cut those out.  I do know that those don’t grow like that, haha.

Once I had finished that, I didn’t know what sentiment I wanted so I had set this aside for the summer.  The other day I looked and it just seemed right to have it say, ‘How does your garden grow.’  I hand stamped the ‘How does your’ onto scrap paper and inked them to look like tiles.  I also stamped ‘Garden’ onto ivory cardstock using Staz On Timber Brown, and fussy cut them out.

‘Grow’ was stamped onto the same scrap paper as the rest of the sentiment, and I used (Can you guess? Hehe) Tim Holtz Wild Honey Distress Ink with his Sun Rays Stencil.

I think this page tied together really well, even if some of it is unrealistic (like plums growing out of the ground instead of on a tree, haha.)

I am just about to finish another journal page, and I will be posting that soon.

I’d love to hear about your art journaling.  Did you get many pages done this summer?  Or did they get put on hold until school started?  What sentiment would you have used with this page?

Thanks for reading!

Happy Crafting!

The Suspense is Killing Me!

Now that I’ve got the SEO figured out a little bit, I can focus on other aspects of social media.

Last week I learned about Handmade Hour on Twitter!  It is a 2 hour time slot every Wednesday from 11:30 PST to 1:30 PST, in which you tweet your listings and store with the #handmadehour.  I didn’t know until yesterday though, that that Handmade hour is for the UK!  They then created a US Handmadehour that is every Wednesday from 4:00 PST to 5:00 PST.  They are so kind that whether you are in the US or the UK you are welcome to join both.  I can best describe this as a living magazine where artisans and crafters can both see new product and share theirs.    In the US Handmade hour you tweet #HandmadehourUSA with your listing

It is a lot of fun, and you get to see some very wonderful crafts.

Also, just yesterday, I got my very first custom order!  Recently I purchased a Fiskars alphabet stamp so I could create custom sentiments, and had only just put the ‘custom order’ button on my etsy shop.

It was a really cute idea to have a bookmark with the sentiment, ‘The Suspense is Killing Me!’

The Suspense is Killing Me!

The Suspense is Killing Me!

Thankfully I had the unique type writer letters to make this bookmark really stand out.  Unfortunately, those letters are difficult to get, so this card is one of a kind!

I did recreate the bookmark without the type writer letters.  The sentiment was just so fun I had to make more with it!


I plan to create more of this bookmark in several different colors and styles.  I’m also working on several more classic quotes.

What are some of your favorite book quotes?  What about favorite books?  I may also create bookmarks with book titles.  But all of the book quotes and titles have to be public domain, or a book before 1923.  I will not infringe on copyrights.

Well, it’s off to the craft desk!

Happy crafting!




Crafting, SEO, and Listing

On this blog, I want to write about what I do, and my wonderful life.

This week I don’t have a lot to post personally, as I have, non-stop, been working on my Etsy store.  I will be posting my crafts, and projects soon, but for today I’m going to talk about what I’ve been nearly obsessed with, and learning.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

I always liked math, and science, and computers.  I even, for a short time, thought I was going to be a computer programmer, but you know you can’t put ribbons, and sentiments on a computer?  I mean you can decorate the screen, but you have to be looking at pages upon pages of black and white, and then go over it again as the computer tells you that you got something wrong, but won’t tell you where or what.  So I decided to go find what my passion is, and that’s crafting!

But I didn’t have to do away with working on computers entirely, thanks to Etsy, Google, and the internet.

This week I got to learn about SEO and tags, and it’s been a hilarious, roller coaster ride of reading thesauruses, bouncing ideas, and just throwing words at the screen.  You know when your husband hears you mumbling, thank you, think you, thank you card, blank card, and various random words that go with your business, you’re obsessed, haha.

I’ve read through several SEO articles, and got very confused, because they all conflicted.  Some said, stuff your title with keywords, others say don’t.  Some say, be completely specific, others say, you need general tags. It drove me a little batty.

So, this is what I’ve learned.

Be generally specific.

Yup, that’s it.  As vague an answer as anyone can give.

“Nice to meet you, General Specific.’ (Sorry, old cartoon joke :)

Basically just ask yourself, ‘Will I type this in to find product?’
Not, your product, just product.

If you were looking for jewelry, you might look for ‘garnet necklace,’ or ‘vintage necklace,’ but probably not, ‘blue sparkling diamond peridot  necklace.’ But you also probably won’t just type in ‘diamond.’

That’s why it’s so important to use two to three word tags, that’s what a customer will do. They’ll use about two to three words to hone down what they’re looking for, but they still want to do some shopping, and be able to decide for themselves what exactly they want.

So what I recommend everyone do is go shopping! :)

Go into Google, and Etsy, and shop for product that is like yours, and note down which search terms you use to find it. Then use those tags that describe your product. It will also help you find those fun little synonyms that are great tags.

So, that’s my terrible explanation of SEO, Tags, and all that stuff.

Sorry for the very, very bad grammar. I’m a little hyper, I think I had too much coffee this morning, haha. :)

For next week, I will be going in depth in organizing my craft stash, and sharing some of the tips and tricks along the way.

Happy crafting!


Learning the Social Media Curve

This week has been incredible!

I started an instagram account, posted new cards for sale on Etsy, and hosted a class!

After reading a few articles, and trying a few things, I’ve learned a bit about how to advertise.  I’ve learned how important it is to have a great description, title, and links in every thing that has to do with your business.

I’ve learned that taking photos in natural lighting can make your picture go from drab to fab, and that that makes a huge difference to your customers.

The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is to take the time and effort to show you care about every little detail.  It is a lot of work, but it’s so much fun along the way.  It’s showing people who you are, what you love, and why they should care about what you have to offer.

Handmadeology has been the biggest help.  It has this amazing 5 day free e-course on social media, and I am so grateful to them.  It spells it out in simple steps that really creates a great pattern to work after.  I definitely recommend going and trying them out.  Go on. :)  Come back soon!

This isn’t the only thing I wanted to talk about today.  I also have a few things to share!

I made my very first 2 sales on Etsy, and was inspired to create a new bookmark.

Embossed Bookmark B7d


I’m now creating monogrammed bookmarks!  With 8 different colors to choose from, they’re an excellent wedding favor, his and hers gift, or just a personalized gift.

You can find them for sale here:

These were so much fun to create, and I love the elegant embossing, the classic typeface, and the soft black tassle.

I am creating more cards to be posted soon, and will keep you all updated.

What is your favorite technique in social marketing?  Your favorite social site?  I’d love to hear from you all!

Off to my scrapbook desk!

Keep creating! :)


Blue and Silver Journal

I finished another journal page this week, and couldn’t be happier with it.

With this page I really went for a style that was truly me. My favorite colors are blue and silver, matched with the warmth of ivory, and I really think this page showcases how well those colors blend, and complement each other.


The basic theme is ‘Journal.’  So, I had a few stamps that printed ‘notes’ and I distressed them with Tim Holtz Vintage Warmth.  (Can you tell that’s my favorite one? Haha)  I also had a damask stamp, and I used Staz On ink to stamp it beneath the note tag with white ribbon.

On the left I just used a strip of paper torn out of one of my drawing journals, and distressed and mod podged it to the page.

Finally I added some small embellishments.



I added the white ribbon, with a silver tag, with Note stamped inside. I added ‘journal’ in faux type writer letter stickers, and stamped the definition of journal onto a blue paper, then covered it with Diamond Accents.

This page came together fairly quickly, and I’m so happy with it.

What is your favorite color combo for a journal page?  What are some of your favorite journal themes?

Have fun!

Journals, Cards, and More


This is my first blog post for this new adventure of creating cards, and journals, giving classes, and selling on etsy.

So you know a little about who’s writing to you:

I’m a stay at home wife, of 25 years old.  I love to draw, craft, and create.  I’ve been creating cards for about 4 years now, and am ready to try a hand at doing it professionally.  I picked up art journaling recently and absolutely love it.

With these blog posts I’ll be posting about my recent art journal pages, classes and tutorials, cards I’m posting for sale, and my adventures along the way.

So without further ado, here is my very first journal page I ever created.


I had just returned from a trip that really encouraged me to cherish every single memory.  So with a tiled green paper, some mod podge, and Tim Holtz Vintage Warmth Distress Ink I created a weathered background.

I used a stamp from Stampendous on ivory cardstock, then tore it up, and distressed it, before mod podging it onto the back ground.  The ‘Cherish’ letters I got from stickers in a paper stack, and stuck them onto one inch punched ivory cardstock, inked with Wild Honey distress ink.  Then I created some tags, and used famous landmark stamps I had to create the essence of travel.  The ‘Every’ tag was made with Fiskars stamp, and colored with Copic Markers.  Finally, the postcard was stamped with a Bo Bunny stamp, and the ‘memory’ was stickers from the same paper stack as ‘Cherish’.

The twine was from American Crafts.  I glued that down with mod podge as well.  I used the twine to try to lead the viewers eye around the page and tie both pages together.   All in all, this page was a lot of fun to create, and means a lot to me.

I’d love to hear about your first art journal page, and what inspired it.